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"Decades from now when you look back, other stretches of time will run together in your memory, but each year of college will stand out distinctly as a separate chapter associated forever with particular people and particular places. While it’s often surprising how little of life as a whole is taken up with truly meaningful moments, your time here has been full of such moments. Freeze them in your mind, frame them in your memory, so that later in life you can return to a time when you’re always young and it’s forever spring." - Clay Clemens, Candlelight 2012
Humbled by the inspiring, incredible friends I have had the honor to know in the graduating class of 2014 at William & Mary.  (via createyourbeautiful)

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I personally think that if I were in charge of the government, I would index the minimum wage to inflation so that way everybody knows what they can count on. The employees know they’re going to get increases on a regular basis. The management knows that they’re going to have to pay a little bit more with inflation. It just seems much more sensible and fair to me. I don’t know why it hasn’t been done like that. I would do it that way because in the long, long run it’s going to approximate the change in inflation.
Subway CEO Fred DeLuca • Offering a somewhat sensible take on the minimum wage debate. (That said, in the very next question, the sub giant is accused of severely underpaying its workers, which DeLuca emphasized was a store-level problem that the franchise-heavy company itself has been trying to work on.)

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